Three Unique + Creative Ideas for Valentine's Day

While Valentine's Day undoubtedly has become one of the biggest card and candy giving holidays, we often overlook some of the other possible things to do and create for the day.

Here are 3 unique ideas to do for Valentine's Day that don't involve chocolates, flowers or even jewelry? And these things can be done as a couple, with a significant other, with the girlfriends, or even with a favorite BFF...

Attend the "Art-Broidery" Workshop - Create your own piece of art with some fun tongue and cheek words/phases related to Valentine's Day by using basic embroidery stitching. Wine, music, and of course some heart-themed treats to go along. Make a present for yourself, the cutie in your life, or for your best friend. 

Make a Savory not Sweet Pie - Try your hand at making a vegetarian or meat savory pie. Savory pies are trending right now with the influx of British and Australian foods at many urban pie shops. Whether in the form of a hand pie or whole pie, fillings of these savory dishes include unique mixes of meats/sausages, locally grown vegetables, and even mac and cheese to create a complete meal. 

Write a Love Poem - Craft a hand-written piece of prose. Or if the creativity juices are just not flowing, have someone else write one for you.  Twine's special poet will use her gift of verse and your poem details to create original, one-of-a-kind poetry on a vintage typewriter. The poem will then be mailed directly to the person of your choosing. 

Whatever you do, we hope you have a fun-filled, creative February 14th!!!




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