6 Things You'll be Happy You Started For Spring

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1. Plan an Annual Trip - Take some time and plan a trip with family or friends. Planning is fun and will help to build excitement and anticipation for your next adventure. Just take time to get away whether it's camping or a world excursion. It's important to take time each year to un-plug and re-connect in a new location. 

2. Make a List of 6 People to Have Coffee With - Write down a few names of the people you would like to have conversations with over coffee and get them on your schedule for a cup of coffee. You'll be glad you did. 

3. Start an Exercise Routine - This one is a no brainer. There are so many ways to just get moving - walking, doing the hula hoop, jump roping, and riding your bike. 

4. Upgrade Your Wardrobe - Commit to replacing one piece of your wardrobe each month. With every new piece you purchase, give away at least one or more pieces of clothing to a local charity. 

5. Take a Class - For the fun of it and learn something that's just interesting to you. There are so many cool things to learn these days - paper flower making, succulent creations, water color painting, and more. There are a few side benefits too. Taking a class allows you to meet new friends and be an active part of your local community! 

6. Commit to Home Cooking 2 Times a Week - Take time to plan and cook your own meals. There are so many resources for easy recipes, you can make something with your favorite ingredients and just for your own taste. And we all know the health benefits of cooking at home.... 

We have the official start of spring in a few weeks. So which thing are you starting first?

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