half pints

$ 16.00 $ 10.00

no fuss. no frills. just great scents like an old-school herb shed and tropical island. striking eucalyptus, mellow sage, and a dash of pine mix to create a scent that's awakening and invigorating. while tropical coconut, natural driftwood, and a hint of fresh bamboo mix to create a scent that might just make you think you're on vacation in the south pacific. 

100% hand-poured, soy candles scented with fresh fragrance oils and uniquely housed in industrial paint cans. each candle is sealed and comes with it's own can opener. 

soy candles burn longer and are clean burning. they should always be kept on a heat resistant surface and away from children. because candle cans are metal, they can become hot to the touch. avoid handling the candle until cool.

made in usa. 

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